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HUD Fair Market Rental Payment Limits


Here's how to find out what the HUD rental payment limits are for our area. 

  1. Click on this link .
  2. Choose the FY2020 FMRs
  3. Select  FY 2020 HUD Metropolitan Fair Market Rent Area 
  4. Choose the "Riverside-San Bernardino" MSA. 

Rentometer-The fastest way to find out the "going rents" - anywhere in the U.S.


  1. Click on the link below to compare the rent you want with other rentals in your specific neighborhood. 


             (Some goverment programs determine their rental amounts based on this.)

County Section 8 Tenant Rental Payment Limits


The link below shows the Section 8 tenant rental payment voucher limits in each area of the County. 

San Bernardino Section 8 Tenant Rental Payment Standards

Riverside County Section 8 Tenant Rental  Payment Standards

County Tenant Utility Allowance


Here are the amounts for tenant furnished utilities and other services. 

San Bernardino County Tenant Utility Payment Allowances

Riverside County Tenant Utility Payment Allowances



Almost every government program will require an inspection on some sort. Here are some resources to help you pass the first time around and get paid sooner. 

Helpful Documents


Here are documents that are likely to be requested by government agencies: