About Us

Who We Are

We are a county sponsored network of Inland Empire property owners/managers and community based housing organizations creating cutting edge business and technology solutions to help  individuals, seniors, veterans and families and in need of housing in our local communities.

We have joined forces to a create a one-stop solution that leverages the benefits of government housing programs to save landlords time and money, avoid duplication of effort and benefit our communities.

Our landlord partners simply list their vacancies with us, either by phone, email or online and we share their vacancies to with our network of over 15 government and community partner agencies, many of whom can offer benefits including guaranteed rents, screened tenants and long- term eviction prevention assistance.

We believe it is possible to make a difference and a profit by being part of the solution to California's housing crisis. More than 800 property owners, managers and investors are already taking advantage of these types of programs but to meet the demands of our clientele, we need additional landlord partners.

We believe it is possible to make a difference and a profit by being part of the solution to California's housing crisis. Join Us!

Our Mission To Transform Communities

 We seek to create mutually beneficial connections between landlords and property managers, government and community organizations and people in housing crisis.We believe landlords and property managers are an essential part of creating affordable housing solutions and ending homeless throughout the Inland Empire.For this reason, as our client, we are 100% committed to making your business successful and protecting your investment.  



One Contact

 To better serve you, we have joined forces to avoid duplication of effort, save you time and help you leverage the benefits of all of our joint resources.If you give your vacancies to us, we share your vacancy with the following organizations:

  • Brilliant Corners
  • County Department of Behavioral Health
  • Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
  • Inland Empire United Way 211
  • Inland Housing Solutions
  • KEYS
  • Path of Life
  • Step Up On Second
  • US Vets
  • Veterans Administration
  • Lighthouse Social Service Centers
  • The Chance Project
  • Pathways To Housing Network (Tenants with employment or income)

Our Partners